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Welcome to WYTCH HAVS

“There is a light in this world…a healing spirit much stronger than any darkness we may encounter.” ~~Mother Theresa


The name WYTCH HAVS [wich-hous] pays homage to the fairy tales, folk legends, and stories of women healers living deep in the woods helping others through their Craft.  Just like those women of yore, I am well-versed and trained in many of the healing arts.  However, in arriving at this point, my path was not always easy, straight, or without bumps.

I did not know what my life purpose was until much later in life (after a lot of trial and error).  For me, this new knowledge and awareness came about after a series of traumatic events when my soul went through an up-leveling.  During the early part of my adulthood, I experienced one major life trial after another.  At the end of those painful years when I finally emerged from crisis and upheaval, I felt broken.  It was then that I began my spiritual transformation, training, and education in studying the healing arts.  After some time, I felt like I had given birth to my new self and began to fulfill my life’s purpose.






                                                                                            WYTCH HAVS was born through suffering.  It was birthed to help                                                                                                others like you who are likewise struggling, suffering, and want                                                                                                        help.  I created WYTCH HAVS to be a beacon of light in a                                                                                                              dark world - where you can come and find respite, hope, and a                                                                                                        connection with someone who has likewise suffered.  



Because I am an empath, it is important for me to conserve my energy.  I keep my energy clean and high by living in a remote part of the mountains at 8000 feet.  It is a slow, intentional, and harmonious life following the rhythms of nature and feeling connected to Mother Earth.  Living in nature keeps me whole and complete so that I may serve you better.  It is also here in the seclusion of the mountains where my own healing journey began.  

I am a Renaissance woman; an aesthete; a light worker; an energy healer; a wounded healer; a practitioner of the healing arts; a spiritual teacher; a dream walker; an empath; a clairvoyant; an intuitive, and a designer.  I am everyone and no one, but you can call me Charee [sher-ee].  Let me help you on your path.

WYTCH HAVS Dark Energy Healing & Clearing Services


  • Registered and Certified Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Practitioner and Usui Holy Fire® III World Peace Reiki Master Practitioner– ICRT (The International Center for Reiki Training)

  • Professional Member of the RMA (Reiki Membership Association)

  • Certified Feng Shui Master (Gold Level IFSG Certified) - International Feng Shui School 

  • Advanced knowledge and training in Dark Energy, Reflexology, Herbalism,  Crystals, and Aromatherapy.

  • Energy Healer

  • End-of-Life Doula

  • High Priestess

  • Spiritual Teacher

  • Ordained Minister – Universal Life Church

  • Bachelor of Arts – English–Humanities – Brigham Young University

  • Bachelor of Interior Design – Magna Cum Laude – Utah State University

  • Certified LEED AP Homes


  • A warm, gentle, sensitive, inspirational, perceptive, and careful creator, teacher, and healer

  • Sun in Aries; Moon in Capricorn; Venus in Pisces.

  • Life Path Master Number 11 (The Intuitive)

  • Personal Feng Shui Trigram:  7 Yin Metal (Softer Metal)

  • Nine Star Ki:  8 Yang Earth

  • Aura - Blue area of the color spectrum.  Natural communicator/storyteller

  • In terms of the Michael teachings, a 5th-level mature artisan and "honorary priest" with 10 previous grand cycles. Cadre 6/Entity 4; priest-cast aristan - 6/2/4; a priest essence twin; a goal of discrimination; in caution mode; an attitude of idealist; a chief obstacle of martyrdom and a secondary obstacle of impatience; the emotional part of the intellectual center. Primary body type is solar and secondary is Venusian. Male/female energy ratio is 44/56, and frequency is 73.  Michael Reading courtesy of Shepherd Hoodwin.



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