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WYTCH HAVS Online Consultation Service

Online Consultation

30-Minute Consultation over Zoom to discuss any issues you might be having. Zoom link will be emailed after booking. 


WYTCH HAVS Personal Energy Healing Service

Energy Healing

90-Minute in-person session for Personal Energy Healing.  Address in Park City, Utah will be emailed after booking.


WYTCH HAVS Home Energy Clearing Service

Home Clearing

Dark Energy Clearing and Blessing of your home done remotely for any location.  Instructions will be emailed  after booking.



WYTCH HAVS Energy Healing Testimonials

I had the pleasure of receiving my first Reiki session with Charee at her home. The space was cozy and very welcoming, along with Charee's positive and warming energy. I loved that she gave me some background information and walked me through what to expect, given that I didn't know the process from a previous session, and made me feel extremely comfortable about how I may feel or react to the treatment. Ultimately, I did feel very similar things to what she described and recommended to my husband that he try it as well - he's now on her schedule. If you are interested in learning more about Reiki, Charee is a wonderful introduction to the practice and has opened my curiosity to it for future learning! ~Rocky D.

WYTCH HAVS Energy Healing Testimonials

"Amazing experience!


This was my first time having Reiki and I'm definitely hooked. Prior to my treatment with Charee, I had been extremely stressed out, anxious, not sleeping, you name it! After Charee treated me, I was immediately calm and grounded.  The actual Reiki experience was amazing. She was able to move my energy around in such a manner, that I immediately was able to clear my mind and let whatever thought needed to come to me, flow.  I immediately recognized that I had not been taking care of myself, which is why I could not focus on anything or keep my energy from going all over the place. I have recommended to several friends to try Reiki with Charee. I will definitely be doing it again, with her!" ~Jana P.

WYTCH HAVS Energy Healing Testimonials

Charee was warm and professional. After my session with her I felt relaxed, grounded and balanced. I cannot recommend Charee enough, and I cannot wait for my next session with her. -Joie A.

WYTCH HAVS Energy Healing Testimonials

I had never experienced a Reiki treatment before my appointment with Charee.   She explained what the treatment would be like and answered all of my questions.  What an amazing experience!  I cannot wait for my next session! -Teri H..

WYTCH HAVS Energy Healing Testimonials

The Reiki session I had with Charee came at a time when I most needed it.  I found the session to be relaxing, allowing me to calmly move into a space of renewed strength and healing.  Awesome experience.  Thank you! ~Margy C.



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