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Attuning yourself to the changing energies of nature is a beautiful way to engage in self-care.  As the seasons shift, so too does the energy.  That means that your self-care should also change to reflect the seasons. 


The “Wynter at The Wytch”™ Ritual Kit is designed to be completed on the eve of the Winter Solstiyce while awaiting the return of the Sun's light.  It's important to be in sync with the world around you.  During this time of year, the Earth is blanketed in darkness, cold, and quiet while it rests.  Your soul also needs this gentle withdrawal and solitude while subtly gathering strength for the onset of Spring.


This is a ritual of darkness and light.  The intention is to guide you to withdraw inwardly while experiencing the  stillness and solitude of darkness followed by the celebration of the return of light.


Please note that most items included in the kit are hand-made by myself or other crafters and artisans.  Any imperfections you see are part of their beauty and charm.  The price reflects the items included in the kit as well as the time to purchase, gather, craft, assemble, and ship the kit.


Items included in the “Wynter at The Wytch”™ Ritual Kit:


  • Wynter at the Wytch Solstice oil blend

  • Wynter at the Wytch Solstice herb blend

  • Birch Solstice altar log (2" x 6")

  • Rectangular slate coaster (2.5" x 6")  

  • Silver athame

  • 2 Black beeswax taper candles (9")

  • 3 Green charm candles (0.5 x 0.5 x 4")

  • Ceramic candle holder

  • Green moss

  • Mini pine cones

  • Reusable embroidered WYTCH HAVS pouches (3) 6" x 9", (1) 5” x 7,” (2) 4” x 6," (1) 3"x5"
  • Black magnetic keepsake box
  • Instruction booklet
  • 2 Reusable 15mL clear glass jars with black lids

Wynter at The Wytch Rytual Kit™



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