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Hallowe'en is a special time of year when magick replaces the mundane and possibilities replace reality.  When you open the pages of this Hallowe'en Decorating & Entertaining Guide, you're stepping into a world filled with folklore, magick, stories, imagery, and superstitions that surround a particular theme.  


This Hallowe'en magazine is inspired by the original Bogey Books produced by Dennison Manufacturing Company from 1909 to the 1940s. The company issued a yearly publication every Autymn showing the reader how to throw a successful Hallowe'en party with dinner menus; ideas for games; suggestions for decorations, costumes, and more.  In this magazine, their original concept has been modernized to work with today's families and lifestyles.


The theme for this issue is THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW.  With an emphasis on creativity and imagination, this 36-page guide features folklore on the hamlet of Sleepy Hollow; ways to "haunt" your house using the Dutch Colonial style; costume ideas; and tips on how to throw your own Headless Horseman-hosted Hallowe'en Party! 


Inside this Issue:


  • Haunted Host (The Harvester)
  • Hosting a "Harvest of Souls Party"
  • Sleepy Hollow Party Invitation
  • Sleepy Hollow Costume
  • Sleepy Hollow Tablescape
  • Harvest Eats & Treats
  • Menu
  • Sleepy Hollow Party Favor
  • Haunted Host (Hulda the Witch)
  • "Harvest of Souls" Party Decorating (Corn Dollies, Dutch Hex Sign, "Harvest of Souls" Tree)
  • Haunted Host (Headless Horseman)
  • Folklore of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  • Ghostly Recommendations
  • Original Ghost Story


Customer Review:  “The magazine is beautiful! It's full of good ideas to plan an elegant Hallowe'en party for grown-ups.”  - Sonia L.  (Hallowe'en Decorating & Entertaining Guide - Sleepy Hollow Edition)


DISCLAIMER:  This Hallowe’en guide is not meant to endorse or advocate The Occult. In the spirit of Hallowe’en, it is innocent and harmless fun meant to amuse and inspire.

Hallowe'en Decorating & Entertaining Guide™ - Issue 2 (Legend of Sleepy Hollow)



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