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Hallowe'en is a special time of year when magick replaces the mundane and possibilities replace reality.  When you open the pages of this Hallowe'en Decorating & Entertaining Guide, you're stepping into a world filled with folklore, magick, stories, imagery, and superstitions that surround a particular theme.  


This Hallowe'en magazine is inspired by the original Bogey Books produced by Dennison Manufacturing Company from 1909 to the 1940s. The company issued a yearly publication every Autymn showing the reader how to throw a successful Hallowe'en party with dinner menus; ideas for games; suggestions for decorations, costumes, and more.  In this magazine, their original concept has been modernized to work with today's families and lifestyles.


The theme for this issue is A Gathering of Witches.  With an emphasis on creativity and imagination, this 36-page guide features folklore on witches; ways to "haunt" your house using natural materials and a witchy aesthetic; costume ideas; and tips on how to throw your own witches party! 


Included in this issue:


  • History and Folklore of Witches
  • Dark Goddess Host (Persephone)
  • Hosting "A Gathering of Witches" Party
  • The Witch's Costume
  • "Gathering of Witches" Party Invitation
  • Witch Party Favor
  • "Gathering of Witches" Menu
  • Witchy Eats & Treats
  • Dark Goddess Host (Hecate)
  • Witch Party Decorating
  • Dark Goddess Host (Circe)
  • Witch Party Entertaining
  • Witch Recommendations
  • Witch Correspondences, Symbols, & Lore
  • Witch Story


DISCLAIMER:  This Hallowe’en guide is not meant to endorse or advocate witchcraft. In the spirit of Hallowe’en, it is innocent and harmless fun meant to amuse and inspire.


Customer Review:  “I loved the magazine!  It was fun to hear about all of the different kinds of witches.  And I loved the food and would love to do that walk in the woods at night with just lanterns.  It really put me in the Halloween mood!”  - Megan B.  (Hallowe'en Decorating & Entertaining Guide - Gathering of Witches Edition)


Customer Review:  “This is not your traditional magazine.  It's more of a collector's item that's artistic, literate and filled with information on witches and why we celebrate them at Halloween.  The visual imagery is stunning!”  - Annie K.  (Hallowe'en Decorating & Entertaining Guide - Gathering of Witches Edition)

Hallowe'en Decorating & Entertaining Guide™ - Issue 3 (A Gathering of Witches)



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