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The transition from this world to the next can be as beautiful and meaningful as it was at the time of your birth.  As an End-of-Life Doula, I understand the Art of Dying and created this ritual kit for the caretakers of dying loved ones.


The intention of  The “End-of-Life Caregiving” ritual is to provide support; offer helpful caregiving tips; and supply you with a set of magickal tools to aid you as the caregiver through the dying process.


Whether holding space for someone; creating a sacred sanctuary; or sitting in vigil, The "End-of-Life Caregiving Rytual Kit" will provide you with helpful tools to provide care, comfort, support, and ensure dignity at the end. 


**Please note this kit contains a traditional candle (not to be used where an oxygen tank is in use or in a hospital environment).  If you would like an electric flameless candle, choose the Hospital Use Kit.  Please note, there are also therapeutic essential oils in the candle, skin nourishing oil, and moisturizing lip balm.**


An instruction booklet is included in the kit with detailed instructions on completing the ritual.


The price reflects the complexity of the ritual; items included in the kit; as well as the time to purchase, gather, craft, assemble, and ship the kit.


Items included in the “End-of-Life Caregiving”™ Rytual Kit:


  • 2 Oz. SERENITY candle
  • 4" Round slate coaster
  • 15 mL SERENITY skin nourishing oil
  • Palo Santo smudge stick
  • Black ceramic incense holder
  • .5 Oz. SERENITY lip balm
  • Celestite crystal
  • Sacred Space sign
  • Reusable black WYTCH HAVS pouches (2) 3” x 5,” (1) 5" x 7," (1) "6" x 9" 
  • WYTCH HAVS black matte rigid box with magnetic closure 8-3/8” x 8-1/4” x 3-1/8”
  • Instruction booklet

End-of-Life Caregiving Rytual Kit™ (For Home Use)



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